Our Passion

Kaya Bloom is a sacred abode, a place for everyone to flourish

The word Kaya has many meanings in various cultures and languages, it has a different meaning in Sanskrit, Japanese, Armenian, and Scandinavian among others.

The meaning, which inspired us here at Kaya Bloom, comes from the sacred place of the Mijikenda people in Kenya. To them, Kaya is a sacred forest, with the literal meaning of “home”.

So, Welcome Home!


Kaya Bloom is a visionary ecolodge where connection with nature is primary. Immersed in a jungle environment, we offer high-end hospitality services in unique and authentic accommodations with access to healthy locally sourced cuisine.

As a multi-disciplinary space, we provide opportunities for learning and personal growth through high quality, low impact experiential, and transformational activities both on and off-site.

Kaya Bloom is devoted to co-creating a unique paradise, while supporting and developing community initiatives, and furthering sustainability practices in Costa Rica.

Vision & Values

The vision behind Kaya Bloom was birthed from a love for nature, sustainability, community, and holistic well-being.

By valuing these core concepts we, alongside our guests may foster a healthy present and future for our planet and communities for generations to come.

4 people's hands on tree trunk

Sustainability, in all of its aspects, is the driving force behind our conduct and relationships;

Environmental: Reduce or mitigate environmental impacts in order to maintain the pristine coastal jungle landscape.

Social: Ensure the professional self-accomplishment of our staff. Engage with the community at large through partnerships and projects.

Economic: Contribute positively to the local economic landscape by prioritizing local recruitment and training, transfer of competencies and expertise, and sourcing of local goods and services.

Our Story

Founders of Kaya Bloom, Lindsey and Gatsby, are long-time travel nomads and nature enthusiasts. From sailing the Atlantic ocean, volunteering in animal shelters in Mexico, to helping at a permaculture community in Japan, their passion lays in the diversity of earth and people across the globe.

Gatsby is a Glamping Consultant with a background in Environmental Engineering. Lindsey is a Cultural Anthropologist and Sustainability Wizz who ensures sustainability is the driving force behind Kaya Bloom.

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