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Participate in regenerative tourism:
Join us by taking action that favor our local community and the environment!


Community is a critical feature of a healthy society. We are committed to supporting, engaging and bettering our local community.

We support our local community by offering you excellent opportunities to learn from locals! Horse-riding, Workshops, Tours – we choose to support activities & projects that benefit those nearest to us.

We are contributing to a fair, inclusive,
and sustainable tourism sector

Ecotourism is strongly linked to the conservation and understanding of nature, while benefiting the local hosting community. We aim to reduce the environmental impact of commercial tourism in Costa Rica by providing a more rewarding nature-based experience for our guests.


Once a thriving port turned agricultural and fishing village, Manzanillo today is still an authentic Costa Rican village with a true Pura Vida vibe. Today, tourism is important for the local economy.

Manzanillo is laid-back, friendly, and offers an authentic travel experience!

Our Engagements

We are a proud member of the Nicoya Peninsula Water Keepers, part of the Waterkeeper Alliance. A global network of 300+ Waterkeeper Organizations dedicated to clean rivers, lakes, and coasts through grassroots action!
“Without water, there can be no life, and without clean water, there can be no healthy life.”

This holiday, why don’t you…

∙ Participate in a beach clean-up
∙ Spend a full or half-day at their recycle center lending a helping hand

You will get to contribute to the preservation and well-being of nature while connecting with our local community.

Mother Earth will thank you!

Be a Hero!

Take 5 minutes on your walk, run, after your surf session or beach-hang to clean up marine plastics.

It is all of our responsibility to care for our coasts!

You may safely dispose of your collection in our waste and recycle receptacles upon your return.

The plastic you recycle with us is transformed into high-quality fabrics and polymers for shoes, yoga-wear, swimwear and more thanks to BIONIC® and Nicoya Peninsula Water Keepers®.

More to Come

We support a variety of local NGOs from animal welfare to social solidarity, and environmental protection.

We are continually working to build more partnerships in our community. Do you have a grassroots initiative?

We would love to hear about it!

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